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Top 5 Load Testing Companies

When it comes to succeeding in business, verifying the effectiveness of every aspect within the company can be imperative to obtaining this goal. Despite society’s predominant trust in computational devices, there are many occasions wherein a software or computing system failed at what it was supposed to accomplish.

Software is one thing that should be verified first and foremost, through rigorous load testing. Load testing is used to analyze the capabilities of the software, particularly when it is a multi-server model.  This form is the favored method of testing, because it enables the software to be thoroughly explored by various amounts of both live and virtual users. Therefore, load testing is easily analyzed and incorporated into the business world. But it takes an analyst to clearly determine precisely what the best method of action is, and odds are, you do not simply have one floating around somewhere. Here are the top five load testing companies for you to pick from.

  • WebLOAD

This is one of the most widely used and highly celebrated web-oriented companies for load testing. The entire program functions solely around superfluous circumstances with complex scenarios, better enabling businesses to determine their best course of action. This company is reasonably priced, with ease of use being a guarantee.

  • Apica LoadTest

With the ability to load test at 2 million with the addition of live users, this company actually makes a huge impact on the load test market. The test can be determined through a network of more than fifty locations globally, and the program they use is easily capable of integrating into the computer.

A wide variety of options is what makes this particular load test alternative so enticing. With Java running the show, it is evident the outcome will be intricate. The load test can be a functional test, which means that the entire system would be analyzed to specifically test for performance and potential weakness.

One of the only companies that does performance testing in real browsers. They provide a tremendous amount of data, more than most other companies so if you’re really looking to drill down into the load testing metrics, it’s easy to do so. Their load testing platform is fully managed so you don’t have to mess with configurations and managing servers like you do on JMeter and LoadRunner.

HP is a well-known company, famous for their computers. This expertise in the field gives them credence and enables them to generate the best possible load testing software possible.